Growl framework missing from the bundle of an application - advise needed

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Feb 6, 2019, 8:07:52 PM2/6/19
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I got an old version of Twitterrific for Mac (4.5.1) released around 2013 or so. It has Growl notification preferences but when I looked into its package contents I found the Growl framework bundle missing. I copied the framework from another app (Echofon for Mac) that had it compatible with Growl 2.1.3. I ran the AppleScript script (below) successfully however Twitterrific doesn’t display notifications. I installed it on Mavericks which it compatible with. Could you please, at least, point me to the possible reason? If it’s smth buried deep inside its unix binary code I’m out of luck since I don’t have the knowledge to patch it myself.
====Growl notification AppleScript script=====
tell application "Growl"

set thedefaultnotif to 'tweets"

set thementionnotif to "mentions"

set thenotifications to {thedefaultnotif, thementionnotif}

register as application "" all notifications thenotifications default notifications {thedefaultnotif} icon of application «»

notify with name thedefaultnotif title "new tweets" description "the bird twittered" application name "Twitterrific" icon of application «» priority 0 callback url ”file:///applications/third party software/" without sticky

end tell
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