Feedback on this new coding-exercise on GOOS related topics

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Luca Minudel

May 12, 2016, 4:54:24 AM5/12/16
to Growing Object-Oriented Software
Hi !

I just created a new exercise to teach and let coders experience some of the design related topics discussed here.

For now I shared the exercise, and my first try, here on github:

I'd be happy to have your feedback, comments, and suggestions.
Feels free to make a push request if you wanna share your solution with me, that would be useful feedback too.


Antonio Carpentieri

May 14, 2016, 7:15:04 AM5/14/16
Hi Luca,
we tried to run this dojo (8 pairs) during the SoCraTes Italy in 1 hour.

These are the feedback (almost all arrived at step 4):

  • It's not clear the goal
  • Should the left arm have some behaviour
  • The "right foot" has not been mentioned before the bus, but bus  reference it
  • "CurrentCharge" is missing from the specs of "left arm" and "right foot"
  • Improve wording for "Dashboard" spec and / or add example for tree output
  • Chck usage of "charge" and "voltage" for the battery
  • Probably it's better provide the data structures for steps 1/2 and directly start with testing and creating behavior
  •    Provide the code
  • Better define the goals of each exercise

SoCraTes Italy!


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Luca Minudel

May 16, 2016, 6:15:46 AM5/16/16
to Growing Object-Oriented Software
Hi Antonio

thank you very much for the precious feedback.
I clarified the goal and I tried to address all the points you raised.

A couple of points suggest to add behaviour to the robot parts.
I intentionally removed all the behaviours not relevant for the exercise in order to reduce the time required to finish. While I mentioned that each robot part implements behaviour specific for that part ("every robot part implements many complex commands specific to that part, their implementation is omitted in this exercise").
Can you tell me why you'd add behaviour, what's the goal?

Thx, Luca
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