Clint Curtis Story about Valdosta "suicide"

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Aaron Leitch

Jan 14, 2010, 11:31:19 AM1/14/10
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Subject: Fw: PLEASE READ:Relates to our film Clint Curtis Story about Valdosta "suicide"

FYI from a friend in GA.   David N.
This is from the fellow who is heading up the voting machine ( Diebold ) investigation in our state and is a plaintiff in the law suit about our non-verifiable voting.  It is very courageous of him to continue to fight for us voters and he is scared for his life.
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Subject: Gallegos Case hearing this week in town where Ray Lemme was found dead

VoterGA Supporters,

I am going to Valdosta this week to provide expert witness testimony in the bizarre case against Laura Gallegos that will be heard on Thursday January 14th at the Lowndes County Courthouse. In this case, a known voting machine defect allowed 947 test votes to be included in the 2008  Lowndes County certified election results. The supervisor never reconciled the voting machine recap votes cast with the poll book registration total voters to detect the error. When the state found the error, the supervisor orchestrated an attempt to place the blame on Logic an Accuracy testing conducted by Mrs. Gallegos, who had nothing to do with the faulty accumulation process that incorporated test votes into election results. More details can be found on the web site under the Complaints tab.


Valdosta is the town where Ray Lemme was found dead in room 132 at the Knights Inn hotel on July 1 of 2003 just months before his only daughter was to get married. Mr. Lemme was a “stellar” investigator on an award winning investigation team for the Florida Dept. of Transportation. He was involved in incredibly high profile investigations regarding Clint Curtis’s 2001 whistleblower complaint against Yang Enterprises, Inc. which was eventually found to have overbilled FDOT by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Clint Curtis testified before the U.S. Congress that he was solicited by the Speaker of the House in the state of Florida to rig elections using electronic voting machines.  Evidence collected by Mr. Lemme in these investigations clearly seemed to implicate individuals at the top of the Florida government.


The Valdosta police quickly ruled that Lemme committed suicide and never conducted an autopsy or forensic investigation. Brad Friedman of has pointed out numerous discrepancies  in the evidence and the police work. For example, the hotel check-in receipt indicated that he checked in the night before his death when he was actually at home.  The hotel check-out receipt indicated that he checked out on the morning when he actually arrived. The police report stated that the crime scene pictures could not be produced because of a flash memory card failure. However, after Insider Magazine published the photos and an in depth story, the Valdosta police reopened the investigation. Soon after that though, the department closed the case again but were never able to adequately explain the  discrepancies that exist in the evidence or identify a plausible motive as to why Mr. Lemme would go to Valdosta to commit suicide. For more details on th e case you can start with this link:


I am mentioning all of this because before I leave to go there I want everyone to know that I am not suicidal. I love my daughter and want to see her grow up. I have a 90 year old mom who needs me. My employer and teammates think I am doing a great job and the VoterGa work is starting to bear more and more fruit. Furthermore, suicide is against my beliefs as a Christian. I love all people but I have made a few enemies in exposing the corruption that has existed in the office of the Secretary of State for the last 8 years. In addition, my testimony is adversarial to the elections supervisor whose deceased husband was a top official in the Valdosta police department at the time of Ray Lemme’s death. If I do not return and the Valdosta police or any other governmental agency claims that I committed suicide, please let it be known immediately that elements within those agencies are likely involved in my murder.


Aaron Leitch

Jan 14, 2010, 11:31:50 AM1/14/10
to RAW GroupMind 2,,, Selket Arts, jessica, John Yard, Brenda Diane

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Subject: RE: PLEASE READ:Relates to our film Clint Curtis Story about Valdosta "suicide"

Well, we have some pretty clear evidence that he doesn’t intend to suicide.


I will keep this in my records.




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