Issue 402 in groovypptest: Compilation errors, mixed Java/Groovy code. How to debug?

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Oct 17, 2011, 8:13:54 AM10/17/11
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New issue 402 by Compilation errors, mixed
Java/Groovy code. How to debug?

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. It isn't reproducible. Sometimes it pops up at my computer, sometimes
the continous integration server (Teamcity) alerts me that a few tests were
I'm using groovypp-all-nodep-0.9.0_1.8.2.jar inside the Grails application
(latest milestone 2.0.0-M2)

The only common thing between a few failures was their relation to a java
class named Trend. No Groovy classes were using inside Trend class in any

Do you have any ideas how can I debug this? Running the testsuite or even
worse, the whole application, doesn't seem a good idea to me — takes too
much time.

Example exception, maybe they could enlighten you in any way:


but the Trend has the method:

public ArenaCard getSource() {
return source;

Also it was not able to see the Trend's constructor:

public Trend(ArenaCard source, ArenaCard target) {
this.source = source; = target;

I understand that it's very unlikely that anybody can fix a problem which I
can't even reproduce. But I'll be helpful for any glues on how to
investigate this issue and probably fix it. :)

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