Deployment problems on commercial J2EE containers

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Sebastian Simon

Jan 7, 2011, 8:13:31 AM1/7/11
to groovy-grails-vietnam,
Hi there,
Just to bring some life into this group.

Maybe a nuts and bolts techie question. Does anyone of you know where
the grailsUrlMappingsHolder Bean gets intialized during startup?
I know it's a standard plugin of grails so it must be somewhere inside
grails framework itself as its not in the applicationContext XML.
I get errors that this bean cannot be initialized when deploying a
grails up on SAP' s J2EE server, the grails app runs however fine on
any other servlet container.

Any hints about it?


Jan 30, 2011, 7:47:39 AM1/30/11
to groovy-grails-vietnam
The applicationContext XML File, what you see under WEB-INF, is NOT
the applicationContext of the an Grails Application, its the PARENT
applicationContext which bootstraps the infrastructure of a grails app
(incl. GrailsApplication, PluginManager etc.)

The applicationContext of an Grails app is dynamically/
programmatically constructured by the above infrastructure on startup
process. If something goes wrong on this process, i think, you may use
a remote debugger to connect to the JEE Server and see whats going on

Have Luck!

Sebastian Simon

Jan 30, 2011, 8:14:26 AM1/30/11
to groovy-grails-vietnam
Hello Tung,

Thanks for the reply, actually i solved it already and step by step
came to the conclusion :D
It was a classloader problem. Grails couldn't load a few base plugins
including the urlPlugin.
Fixed with what SAP calls "heavy classloaders" (
If the grails jars are in that loader everything works fine. Quite
headache! :D

Best regards

Yes i found that out by going through the grails code.
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