November /, 2023

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Andrew Grigorenko

Nov 7, 2023, 4:37:50 PM11/7/23
to General Petro Grigorenko Foundation
Today is November 7, 2023...
Our world and all media are filled with tragic news.
Exactly a month ago, Hamas thugs staged a bloody pogrom in northern Israel, indiscriminately killing children, women, and the elderly in the most barbaric way, cutting off the fingers and heads of almost one and a half thousand people. At the end of the day, these monsters took about 250 hostages and took them with them to Gaza. The world has not seen such a large-scale anti-Semitic action for a long time.
Israel's reaction was logical and immediate. However, a just blow to Gaza and the Hamas rocket launchers sparked a wave of global anti-Semitic campaigns and outrage over... "Israeli murderers." The world does not care that almost 70% of the population of Gaza voted for Hamas in free and democratic elections. Whether someone likes it or not, Hamas is the LEGAL government in Gaza, and therefore the population of Gaza deservedly receives retribution for the actions of their elected leaders.
Memory is a very unreliable tool. The world chooses not to remember the coordinated treacherous attack of all Arab neighbors on the newly declared Jewish state, which at that time had no weapons, no tanks, and no aircraft, but Israel survived and repelled the aggression. I will not list everything, but just remember the murder of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, the Six-Day War, and the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon...
* * *
At the same time, in the center of Europe, the Kremlin barbarians are destroying the Ukrainian people, committing all conceivable and inconceivable crimes against Humanity. I can't believe that the world doesn't understand the evil that resides in the Kremlin and its empire. I don’t believe that the world doesn’t know that the Kremlin is actively helped by the dictatorial and totalitarian regimes of China, North Korea, Iran, and others.
* * *
What kind of date is today? Today, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the 106th anniversary of an event that fundamentally determined the course of world history for many decades to come. This event was a communist coup in the Russian Empire. Those who believed that this concerned only barbaric Russia turned out to be politically short-sighted. That not-very-loud salvo from Aurora marked the beginning of the bloody Russian civil war, the bloody suppression of the desire for independence of the Russian colonies, the future emergence of Nazism, and the preparation and subsequent incitement of the Second World War.
At the end of the war, the Kremlin communist empire not only did not collapse, but rather strengthened by annexing four independent states, and partly the territories of Romania, Poland, Germany, and Finland. The former colonies of the Russian Empire also remained under the Kremlin's heel.
Throughout the post-war period, the Kremlin has not stopped and does not stop subversive work against the true forces of peace and democracy, constantly subsidizing terrorists of all stripes. And today’s wars are, to one degree or another, inspired by the Kremlin, no matter what flag it hides under.
Andrew P. Grigorenko
President of General Petro Grigorenko Foundation
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