5th March 1953 Joseph Stalin died

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Andrew Grigorenko

Mar 5, 2024, 2:04:34 PMMar 5
to General Petro Grigorenko Foundation
5th March 1953 Joseph Stalin died after 31 years of ruling the Soviet Union.
The death of the communist dictator was accompanied by rumors that he was killed by his comrades, who feared, not without reason, reprisals against themselves. The pretext for this development of events was the “case of doctors” (the case of doctors-saboteurs or doctors-poisoners), in the investigation materials the case was called of a Zionist conspiracy, also known as the Abakumov case.
In the text of the official arrest report, published in January 1953, it was announced that “the majority of the members of the terrorist group (Vovsi M.S., Kogan B.B., Feldman A.I., Grinshtein A.M., Etinger Ya. G., and others) were associated with the international Jewish bourgeois-nationalist organization “Joint”, created by American intelligence. Previously, those involved in the case of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee were also charged in connection with the "Joint". Publicity about the case acquired an anti-Semitic character and merged with a more general campaign to “fight rootless cosmopolitanism” that took place in the USSR in 1947-1953.
While the general public in the USSR cried about lost of "the Father of a Nation" millions of victims of the communist regime celebrated the event.
Regardless of the real cause of Stalin's death, it was a God-given blessing to Humanity.
Andrew P. Grigorenko
President of General Petro Grigorenko Foundation

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