War in Ukraine

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Andrew Grigorenko

Apr 4, 2022, 7:48:14 PM4/4/22
to General Petro Grigorenko Foundation

Ten days ago, I wrote a short commentary on the first month of Russia's war of conquest against Ukraine but then I did not publish it. Today, when the crime of GENOCIDE against the Ukrainian people appeared before the breathless Mankind in its unsightly form, I reconsidered my decision and cite my comment without any changes.

* * *

Exactly one month ago, on the day of Russia's large-scale attack on Ukraine, I posted a note on my FB page (https://www.facebook.com/andrew.grigorenko/): "A few words about Russia in the 21st century." Today, on a cloudy day at the end of the first month of Russia's predatory war against peaceful Ukraine, I reposted this article. During this month, I received a couple of criticisms for not differentiating Russians and ignoring the fact that not all Russians are responsible for "Putin's" war.

Let me disagree with the classification of Russia's bandit attack on Ukraine as "Putin's" war. For what kind of power exists in the country and what kind of political system is there, the population of this country is responsible either by direct support or by criminal silence.

As for the Russians, yes they are definitely different. Those who come out in Russia to anti-war rallies, showing courage, defend the good name of the Russian people. I take my hat off to them. I will not throw a stone at those who voted against the war with their feet, leaving the borders of Russia. Unfortunately, the protesting Russians are a minority, and the bulk of the Russian population remains silent, despite the catastrophic losses of the Russian army (to date, about 16,000 killed, about 80,000 wounded and more than a thousand taken prisoner). I am not talking about the loss of military equipment: more than a hundred combat aircraft, a hundred and fifty helicopters, more than a thousand tanks and armored personnel carriers, hundreds of artillery pieces, and more than a thousand different types of missiles.

I will never be able to accept the assurances that we were deceived and zombified by television propagandists. No, dear "supporters" of the criminal war - you knew everything, but you chose criminal silence.

Andrew P. Grigorenko
President of General Petro Grigorenko Foundation
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