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Nearly 400,000 veterans and dependents, presidents and paupers, are buried on the expansive grounds of the Arlington Plantation of George Washington Parke Custis. The mansion, built in 1818, was the nation's first memorial to his adoptive grandfather, George Washington. The home became the repository of hundreds of relics and artifacts that once belonged to George and Martha Washington at Mount Vernon. Custis' daughter Mary Anna Randolph Custis would then marry a young Robert E. Lee in the house in 1831. This house became the residence of Robert E. Lee and his family before the Civil War. During the War, the house was seized by the Union Army who turned the grounds into a military cemetery, Arlington National Cemetery. Today, the National Park Service serves as the steward of this important resource, the Robert E. Memorial at Arlington and the surrounding Cemetery.


But WHO is buried there?  Here are some short (and cryptic) clues about these historic or famous people whose bodies rest in Arlington National Cemetery.  Can you identify the person from a few facts?  THAT is your “search of the grounds” this Memorial Day week.


1. ____________ US Navy Rear Admiral, first to reach the North Pole


2. ____________ First soldier to fire reply from Fort Sumter, San Francisco cable-car patent, baseball


3. ____________ World War II veteran, heavyweight boxing champion, Brown Bomber


4. ____________ First Black 4-star General in Air Force, 179 combat missions in Korea and later Vietnam


5. ____________ Eternal flame, PT-109, Profiles in Courage


6. ____________ MIA band leader, Major in Army Air Force, memorial in cemetery


7. ____________ Only person born on the grounds to be buried there, freed in 1864, maintenance worker


8. ____________ Confirmed that mosquitos transmitted Yellow Fever, Panama Canal, honored by Military Medical Center


9. ____________ Most-decorated serviceman of World War II, move star of ‘To Hell and Back’, Major US Army


10. ____________ Opening pitch of baseball season, first president buried in Arlington, seventh inning stretch


11. ____________ Brown v Board of Education, first African American justice of the supreme court


12. ____________ Rear Admiral in US Navy, highest ranking woman buried in Arlington, invented COBOL, labeled first problem in computer coding as a ‘bug’


13. ____________ Architect of Washington DC, partner with George Washington, Revolutionary War veteran


14. ____________ Cenotaph (empty grave site), sinking of USS Juneau, famous enlistees from Waterloo, Iowa, at start of World War II


15. ____________ Confederate veteran, Sculptor of Confederate Memorial in Arlington, First Jewish graduate of Virginia Military Institute


16. ____________ US Army Chief of Staff in World War II, rebuilding post-war Europe, 1953 Nobel Peace Prize


17. ____________ Captain in US Army under Ulysses Grant, US. Secretary of War, only surviving son, US Ambassador to United Kingdom,


18. ____________ Project Mercury, 149 fighter pilot missions in World War II & Korea, oldest astronaut in space


19. ____________ Founded National Geographic Society, Major General is US Civil War, Arctic explorer, Medal of Honor


20. ____________ Editorial cartoons, Pulitzer Prizes, war-weary and bedraggled Willie and Joe



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