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Stephen Mallette

Jan 13, 2022, 7:05:30 AMJan 13

Many months ago, Dave Bechberger suggested a refacing of the TinkerPop home page. He came up with some ideas for what he was envisioning. Then with the help of Niral Patel[1] we came up with more than just a new home page but a completely redesigned web site:

As another exciting piece of news, I reached out to Ketrina Yim[2] who produced six new Gremlin panel illustrations for the redesign which I think is the most we've ever asked her to do at a single time. Together, when viewed in the right order (there is a really subtle way to figure that out), the pictures tell a fun little story. She's included old references and little details that you might enjoy hunting for. 

My favorite illustration is on the Downloads page where Furnace, or as my children call him, "Puffers", has the most wonderful expression on his face as he crunches away on a massive amount of data. I'm also fond of a separate illustration where Gremlin wonders at his new surroundings while munching on a bowl of noodles (I'll let you find the location of that one on your own).

We hope that you enjoy the new web site and the fresh Gremlin artwork. Take care!

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