question on rdf support in tinkerpop (graphsail)

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Jan 8, 2022, 3:11:23 PMJan 8
to Gremlin-users
Hey folks, my goal is to use Janusgraph as a scalable triplestore.  Came across a few things and hoping to get some clarification.

There's some discussion about TP4 possibly supporting RDF (  It references some GraphSail implementation at the blueprint level.

I'm assuming these are outdated but was hoping to see them in TP 3.x tree but do not.  Are they available anywhere?

On top of which I found in Josh's gh which looks to be an implementation compatible with TP 3.x but appears slightly different from the implementation on the old repo (above).  

Just curious if there's a "latest" version of GraphSail anywhere our would the one from Josh's gh be the latest?

thx, matt

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