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2018 in Raleigh, NC. The Green Labs practitioners we could find before they disappearred to the tour and microbrews. So many fantastic champions, new and old!  Many fantastic sessions on benchtop best practices from across the US, Green Chemistry, new policy for Green Lab Action Plans, procurement awards, and the Smart Lab Accelerator has over 15 pioneers. Be sure to down load slides or contact presenters.

Here are some of the Green Lab practioners from around the US in Boston, 2017.  A growing group, with fantastic presentations on energy breakthroughs, Zero Waste in hospitals and pharma, healthcare professionals, surplus breakthroughs, and essential government partnerships.

2016, Kansas City, just a sampling of the University Green Lab Champions!

           2015, San Diego

Green Labs Planning is a collaboration tool for researchers and staff working to reduce the environmental impact of laboratory operations, primarily in academic and government labs.  The forum is intended for selective discussion, sharing of best practices, and for planning among users. 
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For a list of links, references and strategies, please go here.  
A companion DropBox site contains files for informal sharing. Please contact the owner also to gain access to the DropBox.

Many list members attend the Laboratories for the 21st Century Conference to meet colleagues and share knowledge. The photo at left includes about half the active members of this group.  At this conference the expertise in ventilation efficiency, safety and water management is unsurpassed, and our group of lab users grows every year.

The next conference will be October, 2017 in Boston, MA. Hope to see you there!

2014    Orlando
2012    San Jose