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Feb 11, 2012, 8:43:54 PM2/11/12
HI everyone,
If I can get the week off work, I have the $, fitness, and knowhow to be in the GT 2012.
I do have  a tow vehicle, etc., but would need to charter a boat being as I'm in the Great American North.
I have an excellent co- skipper/crew from the Galveston Bay area who is well known to cats, monos, etc.  I'm not using his name cause I didn't ask him about this post.
I've done the GT 5 times, finished it 4, and really want to enter again this year.
I'm in the best fitness I have been in a long time, currently 158#'s, and I"m 5'8.5"
The best scenario for me is to crew for a worthy skipper, and drive when needed as well.
Otherwise, we would charter a boat, etc. 
Please Email, or call me with any possibilities.
Todd Bouton
cell 414-three seven nine-7193
Those of you that don't know or remember me, I'm from the Texas Gulf coast, and the entire coast has been my stomping grounds for years sailing and racing cats..

Lee Wicklund

Feb 11, 2012, 9:56:35 PM2/11/12
If you have a tow vehicle Todd, why don't you charter a boat up there and bring it? There is a good cat fleet up there. I've been shaking the trees for charters as well for some folks coming from Fl. It seems to be slim pickings, if at all.

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Feb 12, 2012, 10:35:43 AM2/12/12
to, Lee Wicklund
B/C the tow vehicle is  is TX., owned by the co-skipper/crew that I really want to do the race with.  We'd be going in on the expenses, etc.  I'd be flying down to H town, driving to the start, and flying out of H town to get  home.
But thanks Lee, I do hope to see ya'll this year.


Feb 12, 2012, 10:47:53 AM2/12/12
to Great Texas
I may know someone that maybe able to help. Just need to check with
him. I do not know if he will do it. Put it does not hurt to try


Feb 14, 2012, 6:19:40 PM2/14/12
to Great Texas
Thanks, Please let me know
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