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DynV Montrealer

Mar 2, 2023, 12:51:09 PM3/2/23
to greasemonkey-users
A site I'm currently spending a decent amount of time on has the majority of it's background pale and I find it uncomfortable; I'd like for it to have at least slightly dark color (ie HTML name silver, #C0C0C0), but it can't be too dark ad the text is dark and I'm not looking to customize everything on it.

I tried to find the specific page or script line that would contain the background but there is--a lot--of scripts on that site and I wasn't able to. I tried changing a couple ones I thought were promising using Firefox inspector (right-click > Inspect (Q)) in vain.

Is there a way for a site that I have no modification right to display a darker background? Possibly it searches for all the paler backgrounds and modify those.

Thank you kindly for your help


Mar 6, 2023, 4:25:36 PM3/6/23
to greasemon...@googlegroups.com

Your best bet is a concept similar to UserScripts which is called "UserStyles".
You "install" them (i.e. you import a specially formatted raw text file) while a special extension is in place.

The most popular extension is "Stylus".

(Side note: when googling this stuff, you might find another extension called "Stylish",
and a website called userstyles[dot]org.

They used to be the go-to option for everyone for years, maintained by the same team.
Then the extension and website were bought by an advertising company,
the team changed, the extension was found to silently tracking users,
the website went into disrepair, was no longer maintained and swamped by spam, etc.

TL;DR: don't use Stylish or userstyles[dot]org anymore.)

Anyway, once you have Stylus installed, there are two options:

1) If the website you are interested in is somewhat popular, chances are there already is a dark userstyle for it.
2) If there are none or none that you like, create your own one. It's basically like with user scripts, but for CSS, which in 99% of the cases is the way to go when you try to change colors of a website element (including its body/background).

Tip: instead of right-click > Inspect, you can open the Developer Tools using F12. You want to find the element that's too bright by hovering it or hovering the DOM in the dev tools until the right part is highlighted. Then you add CSS to the userstyle to change it.

For more details you need to google Stylus/How to write Userstyles/CSS etc. There's also a good Sub-Reddit r/userstyles, they may help. They also have a list of websites where you can search for styles.

Happy editing.


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DynV Montrealer

Mar 6, 2023, 5:15:41 PM3/6/23
to greasemonkey-users
I installed https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/styl-us/ then went to https://userstyles.org/styles/163757/khan-academy-by-bamabraves and clicked the blue button Install Style near the top then went to https://www.khanacademy.org but it still appeared the same. I think clicking the blue button Install Style did nothing.

Could you assist with this?


Mar 12, 2023, 10:25:31 AM3/12/23
to greasemon...@googlegroups.com


as I wrote - the site "userstyles.org" has been broken and in disrepair for years.
You should not use it any longer. I would not trust this site anymore.
The "Install Style" feature may be broken or might not work with Stylus.

Yes, I can assist you.

But since this is a Greasemonkey mailing list and your issue regards Stylus,
I will send the instructions in a different mail that is addressed only to you.


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