v2.0.9 - Not Syncing properly on SG5

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Chad Johnson

Jul 28, 2016, 3:05:39 PM7/28/16
to GrazeRSS
I'm not sure when this started.  But recently I've noticed that my view in GrazeRSS on my Samsung Galaxy S5 was not matching what I was seeing on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.  When I compare to what is on the NewsBlur site, however, my tablet matches and my phone is completely off.  

I've used GrazeRSS on both for years - using exact syncing to keep everything...synced.  The larger form articles and comics I read from my tablet while bulletins and short form articles are read from my phone.  

So I was surprised when my phone stopped updating.  It doesn't seem to error (where are the logs again?).

I cleared the data and the cache from the phone.  I deleted the app and redownloaded from the Play Store.  I've switched between Local and SD and it clears out the list and redownloads...all the same not matching stuff.  

I triple checked and I only have one NewsBlur account - and when I switch to the 'Read' view it shows me most of my RSS feeds (I have not checked to make sure it is all of them yet).  Also, it shows I am way under the amount of articles I told it to cache (369 / 2000).  

It almost feels like it's looking at an old data file and not trying to sync from the NewsBlur site.  That's just a guess though.

My phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) is running Android 6.0.1.  My tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3) is running something really old - I want to say Honeycomb (it's not with me at the moment).

Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance--


Travis Tabbal

Aug 4, 2016, 6:07:04 PM8/4/16
to graz...@googlegroups.com
Hmm... I was hoping someone might have run into this. I can't think of any reason it should be different on one device. I tested against the emulator and my Nexus 6 and it seemed to keep sync, but I don't actively use them both long term. Do you have "Exact Syncing" enabled on all devices? That not being checked on one of them might throw things off...  

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Chad Johnson

Aug 4, 2016, 8:24:03 PM8/4/16
to graz...@googlegroups.com
Well...glad I could be your guinea pig.  :)

I've confirmed that Exact Syncing is on for both devices (I only use the 2).  The SG5 has started to bring in some things...but its counts are still off - and the articles on one device aren't matching the articles on another device.  (which in turn seems different then the NewsBlur site)  is it possible each device is only getting new - and then they're being marked as 'downloaded' from NewsBlur? 

For example, one feed 'The Daily WTF' (strange tech stories) - 
Newsblur shows 3 articles unread 'article 1', 'article 2', 'article 3'
My phone shows 0 unread - showing all articles shows me 4 articles - none of them the 3 NewsBlur shows unread (although 1 is starred on my phone)
My tablet shows Article 2 and Article 3 as unread.  I don't see article 1 when viewing all articles.  No starred articles on my tablet either.

I haven't verified that it is ALL feeds, but the several I've compared present like this.  I'll continue looking through them to look for a pattern.

And it's funny - I have several categories.  My phone reads a couple categories, my tablet is for the other categories (images, comics, etc).  They don't usually cross into each other's categories.  

Maybe Feedly is better after all?  :P


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