Broglie, Davisson and Germer refuted all theories in 1927

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Mar 17, 2011, 3:39:46 PM3/17/11
Broglie's theory about the wavefeature of the atoms and experimental proofs of Davisson and Germer (1927) completely refuted the atomic model of Bohr. The wavelength of the atoms pose the motion of the atom and the electromagnetic oscillation of photons, roentgen-photons and gamma-photons. For example the wavelength of an 1eV kinetic energy muon, electron, positron or any atoms poses the electromagnetic oscillation of an 2,4180376E+14 Hz light frequency photon. Consequence from this is: the atoms consist of photons, roentgen-photons and gamma-photons. More info can be found on page.

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