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Jun 17, 2007, 12:17:33 AM6/17/07
to Gravitational_Propulsion
Faster than light communication
For the technology concerning a high power laser relay in space
between earth and another planet, I have a theory as to why faster
than light communication is possible in that way. I call it the theory
of "viscousity of space" I call it that because I beleive that space
acts in every way identical to all of the properties of a fluid.
-"suction/repulsion" (we call it air pressure on earth);
-"viscousity" (friction);
-"weight"(just the size of the particals); and maybe even
-"surface tention".
The reason I beleive that there are particals infinitely micro enough
to make space act like a fluid is that we split the atom and it turned
out that matter was made of energy and that also there are quarks and
nutrinoes that are so small that you can't even detect them anyway, so
its not a stretch to think that there are smaller particals that make
up these quarks and nutrinoes. I'll get to the interplanitary relay
after I explain the science behind it that I theorise is true based on
my own understanding of science to back it up.
"suction/repultion/pressure"- is +/- charges in that it's a pressure
change that makes electrons flow like weather systems. But instead of
high/low pressure systems that push the air around, it is the +/- of
protons and electrons that are the high and low pressure systems and
the air is the infinitessimal particals of space that flow in and out
of the pressure systems. And a high pressure differential is what
causes the force called voltage.
"viscousity" -Takes the form as your perception of time. Einstein
himself said that if you travel at faster and faster speeds, time
passage slows down for you personally. They even tested it once on
nova or some other science show by travelling with an atomic clock on
a jet and there was a slight time differential. But the way I will
demonstrate how time is the viscousity of space is with this thought
experiment- - If you were to use water as a lubricant in a cars
bearings it would have a lot of friction wich is why we use motor oil
because it has the least friction that we can make cheaply. And that
is because of low viscousity. Now imagine that you submerged a
mechanical clock in motor oil. All of the parts of the clock would
move faster than if they were submerged in water. And effectively the
time on the particular watch submerged in water, would move slower
relative to the other watch that was submerged in oil. So I propose
that there is differing densities of space particals that can make
time appear to move faster only because of less thick (viscous) areas
of space, making you move in every aspect like a well oiled machine.
My (or the astronomers) evidence of this is what they call "dark
matter" or "weakly interacting massive particles" wich exist in some
alternate dimention that can never be prooven, and that these are
contributing to the mass of gallaxies and making the outer edges of
galaxies move faster than they should be from the actual observable
mass of the galaxy. My simpler explaination for this effect (and
please proove me wrong if I am) is that just like our atmosphere gets
thinner the higher up you get, the same is true, I beleive, that space
gets thinner the farther out from the center of the galaxy you get.
And as I explained earlier when you are in thin space you move like a
well oiled machine and time seemingly moves faster for you. But on
earth astronomers see it as appearing to be a faster rotation(at the
edge of the galaxy) from a gravitational effect.
"sound/shockwave/vibration"- When we hear real sound we don't say "A
sound partical hit my ear and I detected it's beam and called it
sound". We instead say "A shock wave scrunched air particals together
in a chain reacion and the very last partical that was bumped by
another partical happenned to then bump my ear drum as
sound". . . . .... . . . . ... . . .(example of sound wave)(scrunched
then spread apart) That is what I theorise light is . and the very
last partical(photon) in the chain that bumps the detector is what we
call the ray or beam of light. When it's only the illusion of
movement. And the reason why Einstein said that light acts as a
partical and as a wave is because it is an actual partical but the
wave is the same as sound in air, and air has in a sense the same
properties as photons. And the reason that light can force electrons
on a photovoltaic cell to move, is that light effects electrons in the
same way as magnets effect electrons, in that light is only a super
fast electromagnetic flux. With microwaves(magnetron) being the next
slowest. Then radio or ac being slower. And then just turning a magnet
on/off being the slowest electromagnetic flux.
In other words I theorise that magnetic flux lines are made up of
Now for the problem of lasers which I will explain as the same as
talking into the center of a parabolic dish. All of the sound that
reflects off of it goes in one direction forever. Now for instance say
that the sound that you emanate from the center of the dish is from a
tuning fork. You then have a resonant frequency that travels in a
straight line or effectively the same characteristics as a laser.
explaining how under the previously stated laws of physics, lasers
would work. So now to explain how high powered lasers would
effectively speed up the speed of light. The effect that a high
powered beam of laser shockwave(the same as a unidirectional sound
wave) would have on the space particals in the way of the trajectory
is that it would push them off to the side right after the front of
the laser beam pushed them like a wedge,out of the way(in the same way
as a speed boat parts water). Therefore making a low partical mass
conduit behind the wave front. And low space partical mass would
effectively make time seem to travel faster(for anything in the wake
of the laser) in that conduit. And if the beam were kept active
indefinitely in an interlinked highway between planets and it was used
as a carrier wave the same as radio is by using "FM", electromagnetic
frequency fluctuations along with the laser. Or "AM" as a tiny
fluctuation of the beam itself. Then you would have, after
establishment, an indefinite, faster than light communication system.
And undoubtedly in deep space you can use superconductors for no
energy loss of power supply.
Oh, and also at the wave front, while beam is being established, the
faster than light travel photons behind the wave front would catch up
to the front and collect(sort of like how electrons collect at the
tips of wires) and create a surge then drop off when it reaches the
other planet.
Further things along these lines to research would be-
- Why is the sattelite voyager slowing down (or is it speeding up) the
further it gets from earth? Is it a trick of the speed of light where
there is less gravity out there (remember how Einstien said gravity is
a warpage of space so there should be less compact space out there)?
or is the space ship itself travelling faster relative to us?
- Also research why the universeas a whole is aparrently expanding
faster. Is that also a trick of the speed of light in less dense
Well that's how I see the laser relay working and it makes complete
and total sense to me so far. So even Einstein said that time is
relative like everything else. And remember that some things don't
naturally happen in nature. But that doesn't mean that can't make it
happen artificially. If that was true we wouldn't have ever made the
hammer because it was unnatural, let alone computers.
Also back up evidense of my theory is that light slows down in dense
translucent material wich is what they call "refractive index" and
what causes light of different frequencies to travel at different
speeds as it passes thru a material, and when it comes out the other
side the light of different frequencies are then on a different path
(instead of together as white light) wich is what we see as a rainbow.
Just remember, it is the person that stops beleiving that anything is
possible that is always prooven wrong.

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