Temporal aberration, astronomy and absurdities of modern physics,

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Jun 10, 2011, 4:16:25 PM6/10/11
to Gravitational_Propulsion
Temporal aberration, astronomy and absurdities of modern physics,

In 2009, I have posted an advertisement for a new interpretation of
binary stars based on a new and ,,common sense” theory of relativity.
In fact, I have sent the material for publication to a lot of
scientific journals and none was interested in publishing.
Now the material is improved and besides binary stars case, the case
of exoplanets is taken into discussion too.
Despite a general conviction that binary stars are a support for
special theory of relativity, the situation is completely different.
De Sitter explanation takes into account a constant speed of light,
but there is no explanation for absence of spatial aberration of these
binary stars.
The new proposed theory of relativity advocate for a complete new
phenomenon: temporal aberration. An event having a period of time t
for a close observer can appear to have a completely different period
of time for a long distant observer, due to the particularity of
transfer of information.
Actual astronomy accepts as real the period of binary stars of few
minutes or few hours, respectively periods of few days in case of
exoplanets. Of course, common sense is completely absent in actual
science, and there is a absurd competition between astronomers to
explain how a planet with mass close or even higher then Jupiter
rotates around a star in few days at distance of 0,1 astronomical
units. It is completely hilarious what happen in modern science in
present days and in fact the actual astronomy has more to do with
science fiction instead of being an exact science.
In proposed explanation there is an apparent period of rotation
measured by and Earth observer (hours or days) and these apparent
periods must be corrected in order to obtain the real period (years or
decades). The real period of rotation for binary stars must be on
order of years or decades of years and the same situation must be in
case of Jupiter like planets too.
The link:
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occasionally in order to have a later proof of how a new theory of
science finds its way in ,,modern science”.
Best regards,
Sorin Cosofret
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