Inter Dimensional Geometrical Time/Space

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Nov 15, 2007, 6:05:38 AM11/15/07
to Gravitational_Propulsion
I have been involved in Time/Space/Gravity effects research for quite
a while, but would like to hear other's ideas. I am seeking new
interpretations on Space/Time geometry and modeling. Potential
contributions on said S/T Geo and Multi or Inter Dimensional concepts
would be very interesting to me. So, please write me or post here for
all to see.Public publishing of concepts can have legal consequences
so please do not publish any original theory or design.If you have
special need information contact an attorney, I am no expert in legal
details, but know confidentiality statements can assist
discussions.Also even when sending data through electronic transfer
(Text,Video,Emails) if there is a header such as "Private" or
"Confidential",You are estabishing an intent to keep your data
private. This simple act can have important impact if there is a
conflict with muliple claimants to the design.

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