idea for fusion is from gravity

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Feb 3, 2008, 2:36:27 PM2/3/08
to Gravitational_Propulsion
Hello, my name is Solomon Azar - I have put together many signs and
connections to form the big picture-- we have been seeded upon this
planet by way of spirit into a life form of man and given one primary
mission- to cultivate this planet to complete utopia- thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven-We have been given the gift of free will
thru the image of god- our time here is completely of faith as a test
of growth-i believe i have uncovered a symbolic discovery of unlimited
clean energy of using water via nuclear fusion upon palm sunday 2007-
I have been shown many signs after this date-in the beginning it was
two sticks for fire- now- i propose two electrodes for unlimited clean
energy- it is energy which fuels a world for comfort-life-stability-
coupled with laws from the heavens we have lived our lives- we are all
messengers of god if we listen-we are communicated with thru our
dreams-coincidental moments-etc- you would be lucky to have one
handful in which you swear to be divinely inspired in your entire life-
our time is a test and we are by far left alone in order to see how we
help one another- do not expect the heavens to fix mans problems- it
is the heavens who watch us fix our own- we have everything upon this
magical blue planet- it is our duty as man to live up to our
potential- my first name means peace- my last name is the father of
Abraham-father of arab and jews- it is also the name of fire in the
first religion of zorasterian to this day-in the beginning is a story
of brotherhood between cain and able- in this age of enlightenment we
shall be called together under god and see what the brothers of Issac
and Ishmael do in the middle east- it is in the interests of all human
beings to support its unification-as it is the desire all nations
shall be under one God- There is no question- I have been guided as a
human being upon my time here- I am a messenger of GOD- -I lived my
entire life with the Christ in my heart- Therefore a strong light
always shined in my mind on all actions in life-that is part of the
gift of free will- i lived a full life and taught to see it from a
perspective of the heavens- I come in the name of peace-upon the days
of my scientific vindication- one in which the energy crisis is gone-
i will start formal proceedings as a messenger of GOD and initiate a
formal peace treaty in the name of god upon all nations- if it is
conceivable to have nation leaders strike alliances between one
another for peace-it is Gods will to have one complete alliance of all
nations under God- the days of war have come to an end-unlimited
health care for everyone without questions-I do not come with the
ability to walk on water-but to deliver it as unlimited energy- I am
like you-I was taught to say we are all each one of us a miracle- we
are made in the image of God- therefore -let us act accordingly- we
are all the same-the holy spirit is in me completely-what is in you-
we will together strike peace in the name of god-the christ-the light
of peace for all mankind-utopia comes TIME WILL
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