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The Ask-A-Grazier Forum uses the collective knowledge of the GrassWorks grazing community to support well-managed grazing throughout the Midwest.  

So ASK away!
What is your grazing question or conundrum, advice or experience?  
Looking for more information about: fencing, water, soil health, animal health, seeding, forage, funding and programs, direct-marketing, local networks, etc.
Insight and answers will be provided by the GrassWorks grazing community: members and advisors, as well as agency and university affiliates.  

Also feel free to share pertinent events or other information of value to the community.

Looking forward to some great discussions and sharing!

* Preferences for interaction/emails received can be adjusted in your settings.  There is an option to interact through the website discussion forum:!forum/grassworks-ask-a-grazier
The group "listserv" email is -
* Participants' names and email addresses will be respected and not shared.  
* Please be kind and respectful throughout your interactions with others and the group as a whole.  Keep topics and questions grazing-related.  THANKS!