hacked Mathew Lippincott's Delta

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Patrick Coyle

Nov 1, 2011, 5:25:29 PM11/1/11
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I hacked Mathew Lippincott's Delta, the one he sent to California with Stewart Long. We tried to launch it at Sunol Ag Park, but were in a wind shadow.

I was looking for transportability, to be able to carry it on a plane, and thought why not put ferrules in the spars.

Photos at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/coylepdc/sets/72157627882852271/

Video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mt5w4aKW6X4

My motivation was that I got the Into the Wind Delta from http://www.brooxes.com/ before I went to Portland for the EWB talk. See:

I liked its transportability, carried it on the plane, and thought why not put ferrules in the Mathew Lippincott Delta. I recall there had been discussion about downsizing the area. However, this approach preserves the kite area and lift capability and is portable.

Haven't flown it yet, but got it together and documented it. The main issue is the spreader, which tends to tear out the pockets or break the bamboo. But it doesn't look too  bad.

I'm interested in Mathew Lippincott's new preferred configuration to build, since I'm starting to take on these commitments to provide a kite as part of a donated item, “Personal photomapping session. Providing people a few hours to "get trained" and then map a site of their choice (or if they prefer taking scenic photos, not oriented straight down, do that). We could make an inexpensive kite; or at least leave them with a kite, rigged mylar bag balloons and a soda bottle rig, so they have the kit and confidence that they can repeat the experience themselves. Timing and scheduling to be mutually agreed on.”


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