[PublicLab] Question: Legalities of 'map-knitting' in Australia (#24692)

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Oct 4, 2020, 8:21:33 PM10/4/20
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Public Lab contributor aviceda just asked a question entitled 'Legalities of 'map-knitting' in Australia':

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I am recently-retired photogrammetrist (type of cartographer) but would like to create a small-income, so am investigating the use of drone-footage and 'open-source utilities' like 'Map-Knitter'. I purchased a very useful UAV last week and have been taking footage of the properties of friends (...with their permission, of course.) but wonder what are the 'obstacles' in posting similar types of public mapping-material for 'general-access'? Basically how will I stand 'legally' if I do this without consent of the 'municipalities'?

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