triggering circuit for cameras

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Jeffrey Warren

Feb 20, 2011, 1:49:55 PM2/20/11

Stephen Bruce Lindholm's page on balloon photography (tethered! just like us!) has a nice little circuit for triggering a camera using a 555 chip. This is pretty basic -- which is what I like about it -- and he has a nice photo of the circuit which would make it pretty easy to replicate, especially with his thorough instructions.

For those of us trying to trigger 2 cameras at once ( to take infrared and visible light photos at the same time, this is a nice solution that may be easier than the Arduino solution Leif is using -- although somewhat less flexible.


Mathew Lippincott

Feb 26, 2011, 12:53:00 AM2/26/11
Robby Kraft and I put together the circuit, made a diagram and parts
list, and modified it to be adjustable between 3-14 seconds.

Jean-baptiste Labrune

Feb 26, 2011, 5:47:53 AM2/26/11
Just a reminder about electronics and opening cameras, usually there
is a big capacitor inside (for the flash) that in addition to be
dangerous to touch can make sparkles if shorted, so beware. Also,
usually, digicam pcbs are very sensitive to electrostatic charges so
make sure to ground yourself (touching the ground somehow) before
soldering / connecting your triggering circuit inside your device.


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Mathew Lippincott

Feb 26, 2011, 4:32:44 PM2/26/11
when I was a kid those dangerous capacitors were WHY I opened up cameras :-) I'm quite familiar with the feeling of accidentally letting
80,000 volts course through my body. It definitely sucks and you can
die. "Don't tase yourself, bro!"


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