Go to start method if failure occurs in any of the verify method

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Siva V

May 15, 2021, 1:02:14 PM5/15/21
to GraphWalker
I have a model that has some do and verify methods. I have 50 test cases and so i have 50 iterations of the model. If a verify method fails in anyone of the iterations how can i start the next iteration without executing the next do and verify methods. I also dont want to abort the execution. Even test case 5 fails in any one of the method, i would still want to be able to run 6th test case.

Any ideas. Thanks in advance.



Jun 4, 2021, 7:38:23 AM6/4/21
to GraphWalker
Hi Siva,

There are a few concept that you can have a look at to make this work

1. The ExceptionStrategy interface, which is used to determine what to do in case of a failure during a test, in your case you would like to continue and not use the FailFastStrategy  
2. The PathGenerator interface is used to determine which the next step is, so after test case 5 fails you would like to jump to the start for the next test iteration

Then you just need to wire this together

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