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May 5, 2020, 3:36:44 AM5/5/20
to GraphWalker

I get this error when running mvn graphwalker:test in my project. I can generate the sources without any issues.

I have looked at previous solutions to the same issue butI have no white spaces in my path. Do I have the right maven version? I have version 3.6.3.

Thanks in advance!

Kristian Karl

May 5, 2020, 4:58:29 AM5/5/20
to GraphWalker

That version of maven is ok. It's something else.

The message "No start context found"  means that GraphWalker don't know where the execution of the model(s) should start.
There is 3 ways of telling GraphWalker this:
  1. Annotation: For a model class, you can use the annotation:
    @GraphWalker(value = "random(reached_vertex(v_ShoppingCart))", start = "e_StartBrowser")
    Where start points to which element to be the starting point.
    See: Shopping cart example
  2. The starting point can be set by GraphWalker Studio in the model json file.
    Select an element, open the properties side bar, and set the Start element toggle.
  3. By coding in your java program:
    A unit test setting the starting point of execution.

Arjunan Krishnan

Dec 28, 2022, 2:11:01 PM12/28/22
to GraphWalker
hi Kristian,
Is there a way to pass this value = "random(reached_vertex(v_ShoppingCart))" in command line when running maven graphwalker plugin.
mvn graphwalker:test


Kristian Karl

Dec 30, 2022, 7:27:14 AM12/30/22
to GraphWalker
Hi Krisharj,

No, there is not.
mvn graphwalker:test will not read dynamically options form command line.

Best Kristian
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