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Jun 26, 2008, 3:01:09 PM6/26/08
to DataPortability.Public.Projects.GraphSync
I read Facebooks Developers Terms of Service today (at least the
important parts), and as far as I can see it is possible and in
accordance with their ToS to gather data from the API (Facebook
Platform), at least indirectly. please correct me if my implications
and assumptions are incorrect.

fact: clients of the API may not store data for more than 24 hours
(other than user id and other useless information)
fact: clients may display user data retrieved via the API.

now here's my question. what prevents somebody else from saving the
data that I am displaying? is this somebody accessing my third party
applications displayed data (not hosted on FB) also bound to the TOS?
What about search engines? does FB "own" the social graph?

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