Is GraniteDS still alive??

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Jul 6, 2015, 10:07:38 AM7/6/15

The question has been asked a couple of times. But no official answer has been posted. So maybe I am not alone with my question for the future of GDS. 

It would be a shame if GDS has no future. From my point of view GDS is a quite cool framework.

So maybe that someone of the development team of GDS can give some information.

Best regards,


Kris Hofmans

Jul 6, 2015, 10:14:22 AM7/6/15

I'm also wondering about GDS. There were some very nice features in there, mostly regarding the managing of client-side entities that are very usefull. From what I saw is that the JS version never seemed to get any traction, and well ... flex is sort of dying, apache flex also doesn't seem to be getting the attentino it might deserve, since things like angular have taken the spotlight.

We had no reason to upgrade the granite stack in a while, still on a slightly customized 2.3.6 I believe. It would be a shame to loose official support. Would it be possible to make a final move to github and leave it in the public domain? I'm pretty sure that it could live there a little bit longer than when the website would die?

Or are we completely mistaken? And are you guys busy running around giving corporate support globally? Working on the next big thing in secret?

Kind regards,


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