AmbiguousClassNameError: Class ... exists in several application domains

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Александр Шелюгов

Mar 27, 2015, 9:02:40 AM3/27/15
I work in application, that loads many of swc/swf. Recently, I enabled change set mechanism. When I try save an entity once/multiple times, I get this error.

Here is the source code and line, that throws an error.

Please, could you suggest, how to fix this issue? Did anyone face the same problem?

Александр Шелюгов

Mar 27, 2015, 10:04:15 AM3/27/15
Judging by official documentation, see second NOTE:
The problem is because an entity's class is "registered" or something in multiple ApplicationDomain's (analogue of java ClassLoaders). And when we're trying to load an instance of this class Granite throws exception at line 182 from the source code above. For now, I don't know how to make Granite and multiple loaded swf/swc friends. Since then, I have to go away of ChangeSet mechanism for a while.

If anyone have a solution, please, share it.

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