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Michael Goulding

Jun 25, 2020, 7:47:26 AM6/25/20
to GQueues Discussion Forum
Hi again, sorry for the multiple hits on the forum tonight, on a roll. I do like the core of GQueues, but there are a few things that stop me using it as my #1 all the time, this being one...

The UX around archived tasks is inconsistent especially for subtasks. When in the pure queue view the action to show archived tasks is using a pair of buttons where you can switch from 'active' to 'archived', so you can never see them all together. Also in this setup, any archived subtask where the parent is still open isn't shown.

If I go into the task overview of a task (can be top level), the UX is different, where I get a tick box to show archived tasks. In this case ticking the box shows me archived subtasks for that parent. But the limitation here is it is only for that one task, not in context of the entire queue (or project the way I use GQueues). This is also painful in that sometimes you don't know exactly which parent that subtask might be under, so you go through 3 or 4 mouse clicks each time to select a task, click the dots, click task overview, then tick show archived. Not good.

I think a much better user experience would be to use the latter version, being the tick box, but in any view. So that all archived tasks are shown regardless of if they are a top level or subtask, and all archived tasks are shown in context with their related parents etc. This makes the UI simpler and more consistent and means tasks are easier to find. 

As I saw in another thread, someone asked for a shortcut to toggle show archived tasks, this tick box option would make that easier to implement and would make for a good UX. Lastly this also helps with the current limitation on not being able to hide away completed tasks by collapsing them (with sticky memory of which are collapsed), because rather then having them just completed, they can be archived and brought back to being shown in one easy tick box.

Hope this makes sense, and is something that can make an improvement to GQ.

Jul 28, 2020, 4:22:31 PM7/28/20
to GQueues Discussion Forum
Check out this checkmark action option in the Gqueues helps. I've used this setting to prevent the archiving of subtasks until the parent task is archived. Would this work for you?

Jul 28, 2020, 4:23:49 PM7/28/20
to GQueues Discussion Forum
On a side note, I like the concept of showing archived and non-archived tasks in line with each other via the tickbox. That makes a lot of sense and could be a great user experience. 
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