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Stephen King

Feb 24, 2017, 2:12:04 PM2/24/17
to GQueues Discussion Forum

With gmail is the standard "Create Task" button that can extract data from the email message that is open at the time and a gqueues task can be fully setup.   tags can be done, dates and assignments, etc ... all of which functions quite well.

Here is a different use case that has come up that may warrant a little think time to see how best to address it.

We already have all of our users using gqueues with gmail and use both the gmail U/I plus the browser interface to add/edit/update tasks, etc.

This is a different scenario that they would also like to do.

Our users hold meetings a lot, over the phone.  They use google calendar to schedule them.  

They need to take notes on the meeting while holding the call, plus they would also like to create a list of tasks with tags and dates and assignments as a result of the call.  

They can, of course, have a totally separate window open in the U/I and make notes there with assignments, etc, but they would really prefer to have that calendar event be the linked event that is, in essence, the primary record, from which all tasks are created.  

It is like the meeting minutes sort of use case, where line item notes are taken, some resulting in actions by various attendees with due dates and priorities.

There are other 3rd party google calendar extensions that ONLY focus on meeting minutes and such, but that is yet another separate island of information, not tied to

If there was an approach where gqueues could be the meeting minute/action item/note taker extension, directly linked to the google calendar entry, that would be quite a differentiation from other players in the market.


Cameron (GQueues Team)

Feb 25, 2017, 12:27:06 PM2/25/17
This is a really cool idea, Stephen! Thanks for sharing the use-case and details. I've put this on the list to consider for a whole new area of feature development.  I see how this type of integration could be really valuable.

As you mentioned, for now people can create a separate task in the GQueues interface for the meeting notes, action items, etc...

If it helps at all you could put a link to that task in the "notes" section of the meeting's calendar event, so everyone could easily reference it.  Yes, this is definitely a workaround, but thought I'd mention the idea in case it helps in the near term.


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Stephen King

Feb 25, 2021, 4:36:16 PM2/25/21
to GQueues Discussion Forum
Refreshing this idea.... any thoughts on a "Meeting Planner" tied to a gqueue, like a new calendar integration for the google calendar.   Everyone in the invite list would have permission to see the "meeting agenda/tasks" and keep everyone on track to addressing the tasks and responsibilities.   It would also be a great way for GQueues as a company to get exposure to new users that are not currently licensed users!   They could have view only to be a member of a meeting, but... you would now have their email addresses and could "thank them for their attending a gqueues managed meeting"... just a thought.

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