Using Social Net to pull all together?

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Rob Mowery

Mar 1, 2009, 8:12:05 PM3/1/09
to Government 2.0 Camp
I mentioned this to a few people at transcamp and wanted to toss it
out here to get feedback. Since there are so many groups out there on
FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. my thought was we could setup on a social
net using Ning, Kickapps, or another in order to pull all facets into
one central place and be able to pump info back out from that same
central place. Likewise it could be used at the camp to post videos,
session notes, etc. since we can connect all that in. Nothing
currently done would be lost - it would just be harnessed and pulled
into the social network, so the Wiki can be linked, flickr, etc.

My suggestion is to use Ning since it is a bit faster to establish the
presence and many folks from GovLoop might want to bounce over to the
Camp/Govt Club, which means it is fast for them to become members. I
am tech agnostic so if there are other suggestions that are low-cost
or close to free that is fine as well.

One other reason for the social network suggestion is I saw several
tweets out there on the #tcamp09 where people from midwest, west
coast, etc who said they would love to participate and get involved
but can't make it to DC or the camps, but bigger picture is really the
GovtClub, correct?

The social Network along with the SecondLife idea that Lovisa
mentioned should allow greater participation.

Just my two cents.

Steve Ressler

Mar 1, 2009, 10:52:23 PM3/1/09
T-shirts - Maxine is sending me the Genius Rocket info.  I'll get that going with Matt Topper.  Rob - would love the info on the Custom Ink connection so we can get that going.
Soc Network - A little biased here obviously so take my idea with a grain of salt:

I don't think we need another social network as I think we've got it pretty covered: - This is the home base.  A wordpress blog so we can all post information from the camp, embed videos, etc.  We can post up session notes, etc.   We can probably include a Twitter feed here.  And we can tie to the wiki.  This is our on-going presence/home base as the club grows and evolving.

-Twitter - We have the hashtag for all the conversations that occur during the camp.  And sharing ideas.  Seems like a ton of the dialogue is really on Twitter these days.

-GovLoop - IMHO, GovLoop serves as the social network for the gov't community.  We've got a robust Gov 2.0 club here on GovLoop already with lots of dialogue.  Even more importantly there are 7,000 members that work around gov't on the site discussing a range of interesting topics about gov't and hundreds of interesting groups.  So rather than just talking to the converted, there are thousands of gov't people here who can begin to learn and connect around Gov 2.0.  I meet many gov't associations and conferences who often talk about creating their own Ning site - my comment is always don't you want to talk outside of your silo (gov't communicators, webmanagers, young feds, etc) and bring in people who may be interested.  Plus, Ning sites are really hard to actually get the conversation going and often die (especially tied to conferences).  For those not in DC, I feel like GovLoop provides a way to join the conversation and we can always cross-post, share videos, etc with the wordpress blog.

Just my two cents....

Andrea Baker

Mar 4, 2009, 5:38:16 PM3/4/09
I agree wholeheartedly with Steve about Govloop is already the social network that ties us all together. If the content created from the event can be generated or linked to GovLoop, it just makes everything easier to find. As well as lends itself to be inclusive to those who cannot travel to the area to make this event.

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Joe Boutte

Mar 4, 2009, 8:42:57 PM3/4/09
I support GovLoop too!


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