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Nov 28, 2001, 10:35:12 AM11/28/01
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[Congressional Record: November 27, 2001 (Extensions)]
[Page E2133]
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of pennsylvania

in the house of representatives

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Mr. SHUSTER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to share some exciting news
from my district. I am delighted to report that the official White
House Christmas tree is coming from a farm in my district.
Specifically, the White House Christmas tree has been chosen from the
Hill View Tree Farm in Middlecreek, Pennsylvania, which is owned and
operated by Janice Bowersox and her son and daughter-in-law, Darryl and
Aimee Bowersox.
In order to achieve the honor of being designated the farm to supply
the White House Christmas trees, the Bowersox family entered the
National Christmas Tree contest, an event sponsored by the National
Christmas Tree Association. The Bowersox family won the contest at the
national convention in August 2000, where they were named Grand
Champions. As the winner, Hill View Tree Farm became the chosen
supplier of two Christmas trees for the White House.
One tree will be set up in the Yellow Oval Room to serve as the tree
for the Bush family. This is the tree under which members of the first
family are likely to put their presents. This tree, from the Hill View
Farm, is about eight feet tall and has been growing in the field since
1989. The larger tree, which will be placed in the Blue Room, must be
at least 18\1/2\ feet high. This larger tree will be the official White
House Christmas tree. It is being supplied for Hill View Farm by Donald
Craul of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.
The two trees will be cut and delivered to the White House the week
after Thanksgiving. Janice, Darryl and Aimee Bowersox will present the
official White House Christmas tree to First Lady Laura Bush at the
White House on the morning of November 28.
Hill View Tree Farm was founded in 1954. The farm has about 150,000
Christmas trees growing on 120 acres. The Bowersox family grows Douglas
fir, Colorado spruce, white pine, and concolor fir trees. According to
Joyce Bowersox, winning the White House Christmas tree contest has long
been a family goal. Joyce Bowersox said she and her family are honored
to be presenting this year's tree and thrilled to have received the top
honor in the Christmas tree industry.
I am delighted that a farm from my district was chosen to be a part
of the White House Christmas tree tradition. I am happy for the
Bowersox family, and I hope that the Christmas tree chosen for the
White House will bring joy to the President and Mrs. Bush and their


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