Crappy video playback

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Dec 22, 2008, 12:31:58 PM12/22/08
to gOS Linux
When I play a videofile/DVD I get sound, but a black screen.
When I move the window around I see in flashes what's on the screen.
I have tried at different resolution, turned off Gadgets, but I still
keep the black screen

How to help this out?

Is it because of the different Windows Manager used in Ubuntu?
I read something about that.
It was quicker then what is used in Ubuntu.

Tell me if I'm wrong


Dec 22, 2008, 7:14:18 PM12/22/08
to gOS Linux
you are wrong.


Dec 22, 2008, 7:17:46 PM12/22/08
to gOS Linux
gOS uses the same windows manager as Ubuntu (gnome), there must be
something else wrong with your setup, DVD playback should not be a
problem, (after installing the non-free codex, and DVD decryptor to
play protected commercial DVD's).

Try playing DVD's with VLC (install it with Synaptic)

Further I have no idea what the cause might be...

On 22 dec, 18:31, Pcfreak <> wrote:


Dec 22, 2008, 7:21:40 PM12/22/08
to gOS Linux
check if gOS detected your video card correctly, install "screens and
graphics" using the menu editor, then run it (in the extra section) to
check if the right video card was selected, perhaps you are running
with a video driver that does not support any hardware acceleration.

On 22 dec, 18:31, Pcfreak <> wrote:


Dec 24, 2008, 12:11:54 AM12/24/08
to gOS Linux
Launch synaptic, then search and mark for installation, ubuntu-
restricted, NOT xubuntu, kubuntu this is a great newbie way to take
the guess work out of all the extra stuff needed for media playback.
If you are running compiz-fusion or any other accelerated desktop,
turn the effects off, unless you go through each of your video media
players and make adjustments to the video output, such as changing
open-gl to x11 xvid ect. I distro. hop often and the one thing I
remember is that an updated Gos handles playback of most, including
wmv in the browser better then most distros. with less tweaking. If
you don't have a launchpad acct. get one, as the Ubuntu forums have
many answers as well as here as Gos uses Gnome 2.22.2 as of the 3.0
release which is the same as Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Hardy with Google gadgets
installed and configured and the Wbar installed and configured and
allot of fine tunning as well.
The installed media players should pick up the codecs in gstreamer-bad/
ugly, ect. I don't remember if w 32 or css is installed with this
script as this could be a legal issue depending on where you live.
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