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Jul 1, 2009, 3:31:51 PM7/1/09
to gOS Linux
Just an FYI,

The Unofficial gOS Forums were started Dec 02, 2007 and have been
running strong since. Since the beginning we have experienced no
downtime. Also, we have worked very hard to keep spam at bay and shut
down any and all attempts at spam.

We are always willing to help out in the community in any way. There
are many options out there to post solutions/fixes/ideas, etc. Please
feel free to consider using the Unofficial gOS Forums as a supplement
to your online gOS experience.

Adam Michael Roach


Jul 2, 2009, 11:43:19 AM7/2/09
to gOS Linux
Yes, especially for people who are more at ease with a conventional
BBS system the unofficial forum is a very good alternative.

Kevin Morgan

Jul 30, 2009, 4:18:07 AM7/30/09
I have an OFFICIAL challenge for ALL people in ALL forms of Linux, Unix, whatever....especially if you are a writer of programs for Linux.
What we are looking for is a program which will ONLY deal with Prepositional-Phrase other words: CORRECT-SENTENCE-STRUCTURE-COMMUNICATION-SYNTAX-LANGUAGE. Something you are NOT permitted to be taught unless being taught as an English an English Professor.
The challenge is this. Design a constructive writing program similar to Word or OpenOffice, with correct punctuation, grammar, spacing, and all heiroglyphs needed for presenting this type of language-format.
I absolutely DARE anybody to do it.  The first person who can complete this mammoth task, will be the richest person in the computer world as we know it today.  There are at least 300,000,000 students of this language-format worldwide, who possess a dictionary of the 750 words we all use ever day which are completely negative words, but there are more, and also more work to do because this language is coming......and it's already in use in a city or town near you. This dictionary contains the NEW definition of these negative words, so you will never be trapped by paperwork again from government agencies, law offices or even your local council notices.
This language is the sole reason the banks are in trouble, and is the only reason the mortgage scene is in meltdown...........simply because there are 110,000,000 people who wish their contracts to be written in this language.......and the banks CANNOT do it, therefore they are foreclosing on those who wish this new language to be used, whether it be a house loan, car loan, or business loan.............there are NO new loans being written ANYWHERE!!!
Fancy that!!  And all because there's a better language we know about, where it reads the same forwards and backwards, which says the same thing both ways, meaning you CANNOT tell a lie on a contract.......bloody brilliant!    Now who is going to be the rich person who designs a program to handle it?????

quantumbluey (and proud of it)

2009/7/3 mahjongg <>
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