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Matthew Sackman

Dec 27, 2015, 12:41:26 PM12/27/15

Currently, GoshawkDB only has one client, in Go. That needs to change.

Today I did some tidy-up work to separate out client-server
communication from server-server communication. I'd now be happy to
write a guide for "how to write a client" if it's of interest to people.
The Go client is very little code - about 1200 loc in total so I would
have thought writing clients in other languages would also be pretty

If anyone is interested in helping out with clients for other languages
please get in touch: I'd like to make it a collaborative project if
possible. I would have thought that Python and Java would be pretty high
on the list, and whilst I'd be happy to do the Java client myself, I'm
certainly no Python programmer. If you have other languages for which
you think the community would be particularly receptive to GoshawkDB,
please do say.

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