Gorilla Sessions 1.2 w/ Go 1.12 on Google App Engine

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Adam Jack

Jun 4, 2020, 7:31:54 PM6/4/20
to Gorilla web toolkit

I've been using Gorilla Sessions on an App Engine service for a while now, with the FileSystem store, and with no noticeable problems. Suddenly I started getting an open failure on one service that I cannot seem to get past.

   open /tmp/session_... : no such file or directory

As I start looking into this I see there are nuances I had not understood, and that /tmp is mapped onto memory. As such, maybe what I am doing is misguided, and perhaps there is a better store for when on App Engine.

I see there is a (not recently updated) project that is meant to work on App Engine: https://github.com/dsoprea/go-appengine-sessioncascade but I don't know if it is current. 

I see there is a Firestore option, which mentions it isn't the fastest. 

Is sessions w/ Firestore the preferred approach on App Engine, or are there alternatives?

Thanks in advance for any pointers/suggestions.


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