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Aug 1, 2007, 5:24:40 PM8/1/07
to GooSync
I'm setting up a sync between a WinMo5 device (BlackJack) and my
gCal.... just dipping toe in the water by doing it as a 1-way "reload
server". Sync proceeds but at very end returns with error 19999. The
log file says the following:

8/1/2007 - 14:12
- Slow sync for Events
- Failed: Sync completed (19999)
- Device: +0, =0, -0 items
- Server: +0, =398, -0 items
- Rec 0 / Sent 308718 bytes

Can anyone tell me what error 19999 is and how I can fix this? -sgs

Stuart - GooSync Support

Aug 2, 2007, 6:18:40 AM8/2/07
to GooSync

Reload Server is not supported by the GooSync server.

Attempting to use this sync mode will force the sync to be terminated.

Your device should show a 406 code (sync mode not supported) so we'll
need to investigate this.

You will need to set your device to the Normal sync mode in order to
synchronise with GooSync for the first time.

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