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Welcome to the Google C++ Testing Framework group! Before posting a question, please check out the following resources:They contain a lot of useful information, and answer many questions that users have about Google Test.

Also, search the group archive for your question. Chances are, you are not the first one to ask it, and it may have been answered.

If you don't find an answer to your question, instead of creating an issue in the issue tracker, please post a message to the group with the following information. Doing so will provide the Google Test community with information necessary to answer your question quickly.
  • Specify the version of Google Test (either a release or an SVN revision) and the name and version of the compiler you are using.
  • Provide the full command line arguments for the build commands you used. Often, compiler flags make all the difference.
  • Attach a short but complete program which exhibits your issue. It can be very hard to say why a piece of code doesn't work without seeing its context. Having the complete program allows one to reproduce the issue.
  • Attach full text of the compiler and linker errors, if applicable. We often don't have access to the compiler you have used and cannot reproduce your problem directly.