Is there any way to access a Mocked object created from some other factory function.

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Alex Shaver

Nov 15, 2016, 4:45:52 PM11/15/16
to Google C++ Mocking Framework
Suppose I have
class Foo{
Foo():mBar{someFactory::createBar(std::string type)}{}

void doStuff(){mBar->stuff();}

::unique_ptr<Bar> mBar;

class Bar{
virtual void stuff(){}

class MockBar : public Bar{
MOCK_METHOD0(stuff, void());

Foo foo;

_CALL(???, stuff());


Where someFactory is a factory defined elsewhere that returns subclasses of bar depending on 'type.' Suppose I've managed to get that factory to return a MockBar. Is there any way to get that mock object's address to be able to set expectations? 

Samuel Benzaquen

Nov 15, 2016, 5:59:53 PM11/15/16
to Alex Shaver, Google C++ Mocking Framework
If you know it is a MockBar, you can just downcast with static_cast<MockBar*>(foo.mBar.get()) and use that pointer.
You might also be reaching a point where mocks don't help you anymore. Maybe a fake can solve your problem?


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Alex Shaver

Nov 15, 2016, 6:26:55 PM11/15/16
to Google C++ Mocking Framework,
mBar is private, so I can't just access it like that. I think you may be right that this is a case where there's not much I can do from the google mock suite, but I just wanted to be sure in case someone could think of something (say, for instance, the mock objects register themselves to the test framework somehow that I could access via something like currentTest().getMockedObjects<MockBar>(). (not that any of these exist, but that's the kind of thought)
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