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Question about where to get the data with NAMES&Addresses in this example.

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Feb 1, 2008, 9:24:27 PM2/1/08


Today I have used some of the Google API info to learn some about
using API.

I am now attempting to use this page

and I have a modified version of the API Script work on my server at
this URL now

and then I click on the SEARCH button and see all the data a-h in a
box down in the right hand corner of my screen.

My question to you is: Where is that (name&address)data coming from,
and could I have a copy of
that datafile so I will be able to see the syntax of that data - then
I will be able to
make my own down - for my use.

Please - Please send me a note to this email address:

Thanks so much for any answer and reply to me.

Spook, San Antonio

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