DominoKit release 1.0.0

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Jul 19, 2023, 1:21:17 PM7/19/23
to GWT Users
We are thrilled to announce the first major release of DominoKit toolset :

  • domino-jackson : 1.0.0 Generate JSON mappers that works for both client and server side, works with both GWT/J2CL.
  • domino-history : 1.0.0 A wrapper around browser history state API that allow you to work smoothly with browser URL for routing, works with both GWT/J2CL.
  • domino-rest : 1.0.0 Generate REST API clients from jax-rs interfaces and use them to make REST calls from browser to server or JVM to server, works with both GWT/J2CL.
  • domino-ui : 1.0.0 Build rich web user interfaces using java and use a large set of feature rich components to make building apps easier. demo here, works with both GWT/J2CL.
  • domino-mvp : 1.0.0 All in one framework that combines DominoKit toolset to control your app pages life-cycle and routing, works with both GWT/J2CL.
  • domino-cli : 1.0.0 CLI tool to create new GWT/J2CL projects that uses DominoKit tools.

With this milestone we are already set to start a new development cycle to bring more tools and features to DominoKit tools set.

I also would like to thank everyone who supported us through the years to get to this point. and special thanks to Vertispan for sponsoring a large portion of the work.

Juan Pablo Gardella

Jul 19, 2023, 1:33:38 PM7/19/23
Thanks!!! That is amazing!

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