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Thomas Broyer

Nov 30, 2012, 8:44:56 PM11/30/12
I'd rather use option C or D:

C: use Widget rather than Composite
D: use a HTML widget (possibly HTMLPanel) as root

You don't need to use a FocusPanel to listener to mouse events, addDomHandler is public.

On Saturday, December 1, 2012 1:22:19 AM UTC+1, regnoult axel wrote:

I am sorry for the unprecise subject, but I would like to know what should be "the smallest memory consuming" OR "the fastest loading" solution for my widget that I will heavily use (displaying it a hundred times so I think that the little differences should be considered....).

The 2 possibility of the same widget are:

case A:

case B:

- img is smaller than g:Image     and     label is smaller than g:Label
- I need a special rollover behavior
(cf. images in the attachement, when I rollover, a light background appear...) , that is why I use the Focus panel (case B) in order to use "the MouseOver Event" all over the widget.

- In case A, let say that I need to implement 3 times the same behavior (MouseOver the img, MouseOver the label....) in order to trigger the background effect all over the widget.

Does SpeedTracer is the only tool to mesure the difference between my 2 solutions OR is it obvious that case B will be faster to load ?

Thanks you for your help,

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