Issue: Group by week to Date field in ListGrid.

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Mayur Laniya

Aug 7, 2021, 1:50:38 PMAug 7
to GWT Users
Hi There,

I have faced an issue with the List grid grouping column when column type is Date and group by week.

In the german locale, I used format mask and
In the English locale, I used mm/dd/yyyy format mask.

I set German locale grouping by week works fine but, When I set English locale with the same data set I get different output.

Example: I got issue in date is 11.07.2021 (
12th July - 2021 comes in week number 27.

In German locale is come in week 27 that perfect but same record in English locale it shows me in week number 28. How?

I attached a screenshot for both data in both locales.

Please help me and guide me on what should I need to configure for that.



Aug 8, 2021, 9:30:52 AMAug 8
to GWT Users
11.07.2021 is a sunday. There are different week numbering systems in the world which have different first day of week definition. For example in the EU the first day of the week is monday while in the US / Canada it is sunday. That is reflected in locales and thus you are seeing that behaviour. 

In GWT you can see locale settings here (see property firstDayOfTheWeek which contains an index of the content of property weekdays):

So with locales it is important to pick the right country as well if possible instead of just the language.

-- J.

Mayur Laniya

Aug 9, 2021, 1:51:13 AMAug 9
Thanks, Jens for your reply, I can understand now.

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Thanks & Regards,
     Mayur Laniya
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