After leaving TextBox to a Button it takes second click to get ClickListener to work

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Dec 7, 2008, 4:50:02 PM12/7/08
to Google Web Toolkit
I simple cases where I have a TextBox and a Button on the same Panel
and no other listeners except ClickListener - I have no problem to
move mouse away from entered text to the Button and have ClickListener
working - as in many basic samples.
But when I have a panel with TextBoxes representing business data and
a set of Buttons in a separate Panel, it takes second click to make it
working after entering text - OR I need to move from TextBox to a
different widget after entering text and only then click on a Button.
It seems like there is a need for an event indicating complition of
text entry before Button accepts a ClickEvent.
Any suggestion how to fix it?

agnes Laffitte

Dec 7, 2008, 5:00:38 PM12/7/08
Please stop sending me emails.

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Danny Goovaerts

Dec 8, 2008, 6:53:56 AM12/8/08
to Google Web Toolkit
I have a similar problem. I hve a FlexTable with a ClickListener. The
FlexTable is down inside a set of nested Widgets (DeckPanel/Composite/
DeckPanel/AbsolutePanel/FlexTable). Sometimes, the ClickListener is
called simply when I click a row in the table. In other situations, I
need to click the table row twice. Is there maybe a need that a
Composite must call sinkEvents to correcly pass events?

On 7 dec, 23:00, agnes Laffitte <> wrote:
> Please stop sending me emails.
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Dec 8, 2008, 4:03:30 AM12/8/08
to Google Web Toolkit
I've never used Google web toolkit and know nothing about it.
So this may be useless info.

You would normal use something like the text below for an input box.
Your web toolkit textbox sounds like an excel textbox which you would
also have to click out side off before you could click a button.

<input id="PlaceName" type="text" style=" height:20px" />

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