In ListBox, how to you format first item Select... to italic and gray?

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Jun 30, 2011, 10:29:18 AM6/30/11
In ListBox, how to you format Select... to italic and gray?

GWT 2.3, still learning...
It is standard to have select visibile in the drop down box in italic and grayed out a bit.  I presume Select is simply the first item added.
with other "real " items after that added.

but I don't see how to format the word select.  You cannot attach at CSS to an added item (that I can see).

Any ideas?
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Eric Metcalf

Jun 30, 2011, 5:24:07 PM6/30/11
You will probably want to have 2 items here.  The "Select.." would be a clickable label with a background image of a downward arrow. The second would be your list adjacent under the first and hidden by default.  When a user clicks on the "Select..." label, you display the list.  When the user clicks a list item, hide the list and have the "Select..." change to the selected item.  This also means your submit button would have to verify that the user selected an item.

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