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May 18, 2022, 8:06:42 AMMay 18
to GWT Users
Hi everyone,

We have been working with GWT and ant script for a long time.
Now we are moving towards jdk 17 and are struggeling with devmode and the jetty server.

I read that if we want to run with devmode, we need to switch to maven en deploy to our own webserver. This is Tomcat 9 or 10 for us.

I have Created the MyWebApp with the webAppCreator and the maven options, to see how the maven config looks like.
This config works with the build in jetty, when running gwt:devmode.

When i import the project in eclipse and use it as a web application, i get the same issue as described here:

The suggestion there is to use -noserver, but no explanation on how to set this.
Attached is the generated pom file, how to change it so that it works with devmode and tomcat?




May 18, 2022, 6:28:30 PMMay 18
to GWT Users

I have been using GWT for many years.
As you know, GWT has various methods for debugging and deploying, and one of the major issues is that it is difficult to understand.

I'm using GWT instead of [MOVEN] and I'll share my method.
(1) Create a GWT project and develop and debug while using jettye
(2) Prepare a Tomcat project separately from the GWT project
(3) Compile in (1) and copy to (3) as shown below.
REM delete files
rmdir / s << Eclipse workspace >> \ project_name_tomcat \ ol5ss_g
rmdir / s << Eclipse workspace >> \ project_name_tomcat \ WEB-INF \ deploy \
rmdir / s << Eclipse workspace >> \ project_name_tomcat \ WEB-INF \ src

REM make folders
mkdir << Eclipse workspace >> \ project_name_tomcat \ ol5ss_g
mkdir << Eclipse workspace >> \ project_name_tomcat \ WEB-INF \ deploy \
mkdir << Eclipse workspace >> \ project_name_tomcat \ WEB-INF \ src

xcopy / S / E / F / G / H / R / K / Y "<< Eclipse workspace >> \ project_name_gwt >> \ war" "<< Eclipse workspace >> \ project_name_tomcat >>"
xcopy / S / E / F / G / H / R / K / Y "<< Eclipse workspace >> \ project_name_tomcat >> \ src" "<< Eclipse workspace >> \ project_name_tomcat >> \ WEB-INF \ src"

copy "<< Eclipse workspace >> \ project_name_gwt >> \ WEB-INF \ web_HONBAN.xml" "<< Eclipse workspace >> \ project_name_tomcat >> S \ WEB-INF \ web.xml"

(4) Create a war from the tomcat project and deploy it

Simpler development and deployment is an important challenge for increasing GWT users.
2022年5月18日水曜日 21:06:42 UTC+9

Ralph Fiergolla

May 20, 2022, 3:37:16 AMMay 20
to GWT Users
Seems like every long-time GWT user eventually comes to the point when suddenly the ECLIPSE plugin (or any other familiar setup) stops working... 
Without wasting too much time on trying to understand MAVEN I would suggest forgetting about webAppCreator and the gwt:devmode integrated Jetty Launcher!
The way to go for me was switching over to Thomas' GWT maven plugin: 

up to now I try to stay clear of those breaking JEE changes that come with TOMCAT10.

Good luck and have an eye on this:



May 20, 2022, 9:22:18 PMMay 20
to GWT Users

It's a very cool article.
moven plugin Interesting.

I have never used moven, so I will study it little by little.

2022年5月20日金曜日 16:37:16 UTC+9
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