Getting a CellTree to show a specific node

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Dec 27, 2010, 11:52:43 AM12/27/10
to Google Web Toolkit

Could someone point me at an example of how to get a CellTree to open up to show and select a
specific node?

I have a multi-level tree where I want to be able to programmatically open the tree at a specific
(leaf) node and select that node.

I've found this:

which implies that the logic is something like:

Start with root node
recursively 'open' all the child nodes and remember them somewhere.
close the root (thus closing ALL the children)
open the node you wish to have open by going to its parent and then opening the specific child.

Is this the best way? It seems very clumsy. If all of this is to allow for lazy creation of
TreeNodes I'm wondering if it is an over-zealous optimization?



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