GWT 2.5.0: Compilation: Out of Memory

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Dec 17, 2013, 4:10:22 PM12/17/13

We have a reasonably sized web-app, comprised of ~50 modules.

For every day use, we compile for a single browser-platform and locale; but for releases we target all browsers (supported by GWT) and 7 locales which gives ~40 permutations.

We are finding that we're running out of memory during the Maven GWT compilation phase on a 26GB server and are looking for ideas (other than reducing the number of permutations).

I seen mention of on this forum that I'm asking our release engineer to try.

At the moment we compile each module separately first (plain Java compilation, packaged as a JAR); and then aggregate them together into a single web app that is really just a collection of dependencies.

It is the final compilation where the OOM occurs. This is also the only module where we actually perform a GWT compilation.

Any recommendations warmly received.

With kind regards,



Dec 17, 2013, 4:42:02 PM12/17/13
Are you using Maven along with the gwt maven plugin for compilation? If yes then you might want to try to decrease the amount of local workers spawned by the gwt maven plugin. By default it uses the amount of processors in the system. This default can quickly eat up your memory if you have a high number of processors available and the compilation of a single permutation already requires a good amount of RAM.

Also try upgrading to GWT 2.6. It contains some changes to make compilation a bit faster and less resource hungry.

-- J.
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