How to open a new Browser Window with a Widget

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Dec 31, 2012, 5:20:53 PM12/31/12

here is what Im trying to do:
I opened my GWT-Application that has a Tab-Component with several Views/Dialoges (each in a dfifferent Tab).

display.getDialogContainer().getWidget(selected) .asWidget() returns the View/Dialoge from my Tab-Component with index=selected, which allows me to put the returned Dialog (Widget) in a DialogBox.
But... the DialogBox is within the Browser-Window. Thats not what I need :(

I want to put the whole Widget that I get returned from .getWidget() in a new Browser-Window.

(Its like the Gmail feature, that allows to Pop-Up that E-Mail Overlay.)

My idea is, to put the whole widget on the server and open a new Browser Window. Then I will open my entry-point site.
The Entry-point site will check if there is a Widget on the server, and load it, if there is any.

But I´m not quite sure if /how its even possible to save the Widget on the server.

Thanks in advanced.

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